fredag 13 augusti 2021

Interview with Brian Feroldi - contributor to

 Few, if any, I think have missed in any way getting acquainted with Brian Feroldi, who writes and podcasts for Motley Fool. Personally, I have appreciated his analyzes and interpretations of many companies, such as Mercado Libre, Pinterest and OLO. I had the honor of having more in-depth contact with him a while ago and then took the opportunity to ask if he wanted to stand up for an interview, which he was positive about.

Brian, thank you for coming to this interview. You work as a writer and podcaster at Motley Fool and are seen more or less daily on twitter. However, there are many if not know who Brian is. Thus - who is Brian?
Career-wise, I'm best known as a contractor for the Motley Fool. That means that I'm a regular contributor to as a writer of both free & premium articles, recording audio for their podcasts, and sharing investing lectures on their live stream which is called "Fool Live". I found the Fool in 2005 after learning about financial independence while i was young and realized that that's what I wanted to achieve in my life as early as possible. A big part of financial independence is learning how to invest well, and I had NO CLUE how to do that at the time. The Fool helped me a lot. fast forward to today and I've made just about every investing mistake that you can make. I've made it my career mission "to spread financial wellness", so I'm on a mission to teach other people how to do better with their money. 

Läs vidare på Trade Venue. Jag önskar dig en härlig helg!


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